100lb 3rd Axis Adjustment for U-Brackets

When suspending from overhead, U-Brackets offer 2 axes of rotation and provide a pan and tilt adjustment for loudspeakers. In some cases such as for immersive sound, speakers must be rotated in a third axis to avoid sending sound needlessly across floors and walls. In these cases the UB -3RDX-60 provides that 3rd axis by attaching to the base of the U-Bracket and adjusting up to 90 degrees of rotation, either direction for the horizontal position. In instances, such as attaching to angled ceilings, this mount can be used on both ends of the pipe for a
gimballed affect.

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Speaker Models

JBL AM 5215, JBL AM 7212, JBL AM 7215, JBL SCS 12 SERIES, JBL SCS 8 SERIES, QSC AP 5102, QSC AP 5122, QSC AP-5152