25lb Indoor Speaker Wall Mount

This design quickly and permanently attaches surround loudspeakers to auditorium walls and offers a full range of pan and tilt rotations.

This makes it easy to mount and aim surround speakers accurately in cinema applications.

Its extended support arm firmly anchors speakers even through deep sound panels and drapes (up to 2.5”/63.5 mm deep) and allows precise, no-drift rotational adjustments.

MultiMount-017’s unique support arm acts as a
convenient carrying handle during installation. Once
the mount has been inserted into place, the mounting
plate does the job of handling all the weight. This
leaves the installer’s hands free to complete the
wiring and positioning process.

Additional information

Speaker Models

JBL 8320/8340A/8350, JBL 9300, VIVE AUDIO LA3S, VIVE AUDIO LS3S