120lb Indoor Speaker Wall Mount

The MM-120 Speaker Mount supports speakers from its back panel, weighing up to 120 lb., and is fully adjustable in both pan and tilt aiming.

This design accommodates speakers that offer four-hole mounting patterns on the back panel of the speaker. (See dimensions section.)

This mount is exceptionally easy to install and use with large format loudspeakers. They are safe and offer greater than a 5:1 design factor. Once inserted, the mounting plate supports the weight of the speaker leaving the installer’s hands free to complete the wiring and positioning process.

Additional information

Speaker Models

JBL 9350, JBL AM 5215, JBL AM 7212, JBL AM 7215, MEYER HMS-15, QSC AP 5102, QSC AP 5122, QSC AP-5152, VIVE AUDIO LA5S